Il-Ħadd, Frar 15, 2009

M (1931) Review

This film, in my opinion, is one of those influential masterpieces - ahead of it's time (1931). Lang created two film genres with this one film: Film-Noir, and the Crime-Psych Thriller.

A child murderer in Berlin, is terrorizing the public, inhibiting the lives of everyone from the Police, to the criminals, to innocent bystanders who are accused of being the murderous acts.

The most startling thing about this film is it's use of sound. M was Germany's first professional motion picture with sound, and is evident by the primitive sound recording. Characters can often be just barely heard, but regardless of the limitations of the technology in the medium, the use of sound is advanced even by today's standards.

Other cool tricks used by the Fritz Lang include heavy use of shadows - largely in the style of the yet to come Film-Noir genre, and the use of setting to create darker moods.


L-Erbgħa, Diċembru 03, 2008

Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black?

"As far as DRM goes, most DRM strategies are just dumb.

The goal should be to create greater value for customers through service value (make it easy for me to play my games whenever and wherever I want to), not by decreasing the value of a product (maybe I'll be able to play my game and maybe I won't).

We really, really discourage other developers and publishers from using the broken DRM offerings, and in general there is a groundswell to abandon those approaches,"

Gabe Newell - Valve president

I love Valve. Apart from the immense array of GOOD games the developer has made in the recent years, and the huge amount of FREE source-mods you get from having a single copy of any game that uses the source engine. Most of all though; Steam is the future of digital distribution on the PC.

Valve even flew journalists out to Seattle earlier this year to eulogise the format and discuss community features for distribution service Steam.

With DRM constantly in the news thanks to SecuROM and other unpopular measures and their impact on the consumer experience, his comments are likely to resonate with gamers who feel that DRM-embracing developers and publishers are misguided.

On the other hand, I think Gabe is being a hypocrite here, Steam really is lovely, I love that program. It just makes perfect sense. I can install all my Steam-bought games on as many PCs as I want, but I can only play on one of them at once as there is only one of me. Fair enough. If there was two of me, it's either year 2077 and clones have been invented, (if I had a clone in year 2077 he'd be my servant), or else your poor old mouzer chap has had his account haxed. It's completely fair and I don't have to keep searching for the disc when I want to play a game.


When they start putting personal save games on a server, so I can literally play the same game at home and on my laptop, it'll be like heaven. Only with less Angels and white.

It-Tnejn, Diċembru 01, 2008

Top 5 Best FEMALE Breasts in Videogames

This is probably my and most sexist blog post ever, I'm really sorry, but it had to be done:

5) Bloodrayne - the game may lack potential, you might also think as if you're wasting your time. However everything is made up for with this vampire's costume & generous chest pillows.

4) Lara Croft - I had to include her, then again why shouldn't I ?

3) Triss Merigold - one of my favourite games, not for the tits though. However, I'll have to admit it's not the first time I got distracted.

2) Taki - I played Soul Calibur 4 on the 360, I won't call myself a fan, but neither a hater. Mostly due to the fact that I always end up playing as Taki, that's some awesome boobage.

1) Elexis Sinclaire - sexiest CEO in the world and certifiable genius, first appeared to cause all sorts of problems for John Blade in the first-person shooter, SiN. Though she was wildly shapely then she's even more curvy and scantily clad now, courtesy of Valve's Source engine. She may be an evil incarnate, but, man, does she ever fill out a bikini.