Il-Ġimgħa, Ġunju 01, 2007

The PS3

PS3 offers a complete digital entertainment solution. PlayStation 3 is a technological breakthrough in interactive entertainment. It is hands-on, responsive, realistic, surprising and personal. The more you participate and interact, the more PlayStation 3 will learn and evolve.
Total Home Entertainment
PLAYSTATION®3 has been designed as a total entertainment solution for the home. With the ability to play High Definition Blu-ray Disc™ movies, as well as the latest interactive video games, PLAYSTATION®3 offers it all. You can also store and playback all of your digital photo, video, and music collections. Plus, it also lets you browse the internet and access many other online features.
Changing the Nature of Gaming
The PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system unleashes a brilliant High Definition entertainment experience. Through years of research and development, Sony Computer Entertainment can now deliver the technology to take home entertainment to a whole new level.

More over the PS3 offers a new perspect of Entertainment:

Blu-ray Disc™ movies arrive... With the ability to play state of the art Blu-ray Disc™ movies, PS3™ offers unmatched picture and sound quality.

Your digital music library... PS3™ can store, manage and playback your favourite songs; MP3, ATRAC, CD, DVD and even Super Audio CD.

Easy access to all your photos... PS3™ can store, manage and display all of your digital photos right onto your TV, with amazing clarity.


Built for online functionality: PS3™ can browse the web, access your email, download additional PLAYSTATION®3 content and play multiplayer games online.

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