L-Erbgħa, Jannar 16, 2008

Me, Myself and I

Have you ever thought how you, yourself do some actions and wonder How the hell did I do that?!

Infact there are three persons in anyone of us. The Exterior, Outer Core and the Inner-core.

The Me -
The Exterior
How other people see you, What do they think of you? There are numerous 'Me's actually, but the character rarely changes.

Myself - Outer Core
How you see yourself... not much to say, usually you think that this person is your ultimate personality, but that's way too vague.

I - Inner core
This person some seems like a total stranger, its usually silent, and speaks up only when it wants to. Usually this Inner core character acts only when necessary expressing what you really mean other than what you think.

I'm not philosophical, but that's my answer to the spontaneous out bursts the majority of us people have at certain moments. Some of us may have not ever experienced the Inner core, others might dwell day and night. While few live with it as their alter-personality.

I gave mine a name, Kropotkin.

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