It-Tlieta, Jannar 22, 2008

Xbox is crack for kids - According to the Times Online

Anybody else feeling dizzy? That's because, recently the popular :Rolls Eyes: action has become a habit on Gaming Forums.

Janice Turner has accused video games of being "Satan's Sudoku" and "crack cocaine of the brain".

"These are Satan's Sudoku, crack cocaine of the brain. Even the crappiest cartoon or lamest soap teaches a child about character, plot, drama, humour, life. Playing videogames, children are mentally imprisoned, wired into their evil creators' brains."

Video Games taught me a lot of stuff... but mostly, I find Games a valuable source to create your own ideas.

Soap Operas only teach you how to be a bitch to one another.

Besides if the xbox is crack, then WTF is a PC?? Fucking LSD??

Article can be found here

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