It-Tnejn, Mejju 05, 2008

Geography Anyone?

The following took place between 1800hrs to 1900hrs.

babysarah17: Hi nice reviews
mouzer: oh thanks
babysarah17: yeah there kul :-)
mouzer: ok?
babysarah17: wots ur asl?
mouzer: what the hell is an ASL????
babysarah17: lololololz! age sex location :)
mouzer: oh I'm 19, Male live in Malta xD
babysarah17: kul! is Malta in Texas?
mouzer: Don't think so :P
babysarah17: Ohio?
mouzer: haha neither its in the Mediterranean ^_^
babysarah17: nd wer is tat?
mouzer: between Los Angeles and the UK, to the South of Canada
babysarah17: wow man ur so lucky!
babysarah17: is it sunni?
mouzer: no its freezing, normal temperature is over 90Celcius
babysarah17: that must be cold?
mouzer: harr :)
babysarah17: so what do u do?
mouzer: I surf on ice. its fun
babysarah17: I think they call that snowbording here
mouzer: they call it Ice Surfing here
babysarah17: lol ur so streng
mouzer: lol you're so stupid :D

Stupid people on the internet

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