Il-Ħadd, Mejju 18, 2008

Have EA ruined Mass Effect sales for PC?

Its official, the PC version for Mass Effect will be far better than the 360 version. Featuring many improvements that take advantage of the PC platform, players will be able to utilize hotkeys, command each squad member individually and make use of a brand new tactical interface built especially for the PC version of Mass Effect. Not only that, but technical issues, like texture pop-in and slowdown will largely be non-existent, if the PC is powerful enough.

Plus, but the DLC, "Bring Down The Sky", a brand new sidequest, will be available for PC users for free.

Surely thats more than mesmerizing :) However it requires online activation, and will only activate three times. If you upgrade your system or reinstall Windows and you use up an activation.

Use all three, you can't play it unless you successfully beg an EA customer "service" rep to let you - and will be harder to get for us non-Americans. You'll also get SecuROM installed on your system, with files and registry entries that need special tools to remove.


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