It-Tnejn, Mejju 12, 2008

mouzer's Wish List

The Twelve 5-9 by TokyoFlash and Rolly from SONY

It's all tech, but I'll be in heaven in my geek-crack house :D

Oh, and I can picture the conversation between the SONY scientists that came up with the Rolly IDEA

'Ok MrPink, what are we going to invent next?'

'Well MrBlue, we can choose to invest our time in making a machine that uses less resources or else we can make an oval thing that emits horse-like sounds, spins round and round with no purpose whatsoever!'

'Definitely the second option Pink!'

'Definitely Blue!'
haha, I like MrBlue and MrPink, maybe we'll see them in the near-future.

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