Is-Sibt, Mejju 31, 2008

Pi (1998 - movie review)

Intentionally filmed in a dark, noire style... with a 16mm hand-held video-tape camera that was expanded up to the 35mm standard, all in Black and White, this gritty, dark surreal film about the nature of numbers.

Pi in particular, will take you on a journey you had no idea you were going to take.
Sean Gullette makes an outstanding performance - accompanied by captivating score that never seizes to amaze me.

But the basic plot of a man, anti-sociable genius, struggling to discover the answer to one of the universe, the greatest mysteries... will he find the answer?
Be warned, the crazy dealings of a man searching beyond, stretching the boundary of the mind and finding the magic two-hundred sixteen digits: that some claim to be the he answer to the stock Market crash, while others think it's god name.

You might want to watch this film three or four more times in a row.

If you liked <i>A Beautiful Mind</i> WATCH THIS! The Ending is a minor let-down.

PS: You don't need to be mathematician to understand this masterpiece.

<b>LA Weekly </b> | Manohla Dargis
A triumph of low-end production design, shot in sizzling, solarized black and white, and driven by a propulsive, insinuating score, Pi is a horror movie that makes you think and an indie film that makes you squirm.

btw: oh lawdy! I had a bouldering accident yesterday and twisted an ankle =/
so I guess my bouldering friends we'll miss some fun together =(

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