Il-Ġimgħa, Ġunju 13, 2008


The following happened on msn 0130hours

Jess says: TOM!
il-mouzer: o0
Jess says: Hai ^_^
il-mouzer: hai
Jess says: Tom XD
il-mouzer: who is tom? o0
Jess says: You are :P Can't you see it? XD
il-mouzer: I'm not tom o0
Jess says: Yes you are :P
Jess sends an image...
Jess says: TOM!
Jess says: :P
il-mouzer: >_<
Jess says: You don't like it? V_V
il-mouzer: I do ^_^ but why tom?
Jess says: Good :) Because one year in a play I was Tom and I had to say "Sure, everytime I ask a girl out on a date with her, it's my first contact with her. And well, it's usually my last" I just thought of you ^_^
il-mouzer: o0... what the xD I don't treat girls that way ¬_¬
il-mouzer: well... not all of them
Jess says: Haha! Tom suits you :P
il-mouzer: hmmm
il-mouzer: ok then

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