It-Tnejn, Ġunju 11, 2007

Bush Is An IDIOT

I knew it, I just knew it... Bush is an idiot, and gets paid $ 400,000,000 per year.

He's not an idiot just for the he talks. He is an idiot for the way he thinks and the decisions he makes. TrippingBilly89

Lol, this is funny. My 2 yr old nephew is more articulate than this idiot. Must have choked on the pretzel too long, or maybe he fried them brain cells from his cocaine addiction. george8873

AMERICA, please you have to do something about Bush. Its beyond a joke now. Not even funny. zappafile

"You're working hard to put food on your family"

The most powerful country is filled with idiots. Their leaders are idiots who are told to read words that are written on a paper. Words they can't even understand. doomed. KazeGaara89

Bush Parody

Kofi ... yeah coffee ... Yes sir ... Yassir?? leave the Middle East alone please

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Tyron said...

Bush should be impeached by his incompetence and his whole white house staff. They have screwed up this whole country. We are moving into dark days with what he and his cronies have done to our great country.