Il-Ħadd, Ġunju 10, 2007

ppl which you can meet on the Internet...

- hOtpUssy_12 (Female - age varies from 11 to 14 yrs): This girl generally talks in some kinda' wannabe gangster style with words like: "NE1 WANNA CHAT WTH A HOT FEMALE WTH PICS PLZ MESSGE ME THX XXX". Usually such a girl is VERY ugly that when she was born the midwife or doctor saw her face they went like "Oh no!!!! WTF | OMFG | aaaaaaaaa | .........." and then he/she died.

- KooLGuY[13] (Male - age varies from 11 to 15 yrs): I HATE this guy, usually he is impatient to meet with hOtpUssy12. Generally this guy is as tall as Berlusconi, gets frightened from anything and he still drinks Nesquik from his bottle. Usually he opens his Conversations with words like "AW XI WAHDA SHUNA JEW!?1?".

- [FUCKER-007]
(Varies - age varies from 15 to 17 yrs): Generally a male, but in rare cases found under the form of a female. This person usually pretends to know a lot about cars Because his old brother owns a Ford Escort without any silencer attached, and he also says that gamers are socially desperate, while he is playing some 'Guild Wars' etc...

- HORNYready4SEX
(Female - age varies from 19 to 20 yrs): This Bitch always talks to guys in private chat. Always seeking for dates with guys she met online. Generally 70% of her pics are herself with just the bra & underwear. Usually such girls own a dog with the name of Rocky, Browny or Cutie.

- Gay&ProuD (Male - age varies from 20 to 22 yrs): Generally this guy is a sucker which wants to attract other's attention 24/7. Thinks he is some sort of Johnny Depp. Still a virgin and never had a serious relationship. 90% of these cases had accidents when they where still young - the other 10% are just rare idiots.

- id-dude21 (Male - age varies from 20 to 24 yrs): aka Silence. Always present but never talks. He's a BIG nerd. GaY&ProuD always talks to him but he never responds back. He also knows everything about HORNYready4SEX, however he never had an actual chat with her.

- Cetta_Hamalla
(Female - age rare varies from 40 yrs): So this is a housewife which bought a PC for her son, but she finished using it. Generally shes found on the internet to chat with other males of her age. Her husband doesn't give her enough pleasure in bed, so she seeks new remedies. She is a big fan of; Eileen Montesin and Tista Tkun Int. She owns a Grilioso and a Ronic in her kitchen.

(Varies - age varies from 20 to 40 yrs): Generally a male, but in rare cases found under the form of a female. Usually this guy is a fond supporter of a football team (i chose juventus cause i hate 'em). His/her bedroom is full of posters representing football players. At Sunday afternoons you'll find him infront of the TV with his wife/husband/childre n/pets watching the game. He Knows anything about the coaches of his team. Their age, the name of their wifes, the shoe size, favourite food & a lot of unusual bullshit.

This was a small tutorial of what ppl u may face up within the world wide web.

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