Is-Sibt, Ġunju 09, 2007

Im a YouTube loser :S

So today I have logged on my YouTube... and the same routine, checking the new vids, see if i have got any mail, check out the vide comments etc...
Then I open my Profile Page... and found this...

ResurrectionOfCG | June 09, 2007

If you have more videos than subscribers, there's a pretty good chance that you are a Youtube loser.

OMG, I never talked to the dork and he attacked me... I know my videos are that good but who the hell is this gay?!
I posted my response.

MouzerMalti | June 09, 2007

well you see my vids aren't that interesting...

I cant say that on you gayshit, since your subscribers arent visible... and yeah maybe im a YouTube loser but im not a loser in my Real Life... ask your whore mother how good am I in bed. Oh wait ur a fucking redneck shit, so
1) ur mother was killed by your father just because she didn't cook the beans well
2) you dont know the real meaning of life ha...

btw ur gay

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