Il-Ġimgħa, Awwissu 17, 2007

Earth & the I

My name is Keith (Kropotkin aka Mouzer), I'm a carbon-based life form. Created by Nature, or any ultimate living form -well who knows???
I enjoy walking upright and am warm-blooded -atleast thats what they say.

I live here... >>>>>>

Planet Earth, a huge piece of Rock orbiting a giant Fireball in the middle of nowhere.

I feel I belong here. There’s something about the atmosphere that helps me stay alive, and I am also suited down to the ground.

The surface of the planet is about 70% water, which is nice because I’m about 70% water myself.

I share the remaining 30% with six billion others, each of whom has a 70% water body of their own.

Each of these bodies, like the planet, is composed of tiny particles which, on close examination, appear to have no solidity, but rather are pure energy.

owever these six-billion people and I, are killing this planet, with our self-obsession, ridiculous inventions, waste of resources and development.

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Tyron said...

wooow very nice, well written!