Is-Sibt, Awwissu 18, 2007

Iranian child smoking Opium

Opium and its various constituents exert effects upon the body ranging from analgesia, or insensitivity to pain, to narcosis, or depressed physiological activity leading to stupor.

Opium users describe experiencing a feeling of calm and well-being. Usually addicts in otherwise good physical and mental health whose drug needs are met are thought to experience no debilitating physiological effects from their addiction, although there is some evidence that immune function is compromised.
However, their preoccupation with the drug and its acquisition can lead to malnutrition and general poor self-care and an increased risk of disease.

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Tyron said...

shit the guy is 5 years old for a maximum and smoked more then my father did in his entire live... yikes i see a short life for him

btw, mouzer congrats on your 24th subscribers on the Tube... you are getting YouPopular!!