Is-Sibt, Awwissu 04, 2007

Feds Partner with Game Industry on Piracy Bust (Part 2 - Ohio)

An Ohio man was reduced to sleeping in his car following this Wednesdays’s mod chip raid by agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As reported by Xbox Scene, the suspect, who goes by the screen name FallsInc, penned a first-person account of what happened when the feds came calling:

When ICE hit me, they had a warrant for my grandma’s house where I had all my packages sent… They took anything that was related to gaming… They showed me the list of modchips that they collected, and asked me if I ever imported modchips from Canada…

They took my laptop, and desktop, and the soldering iron (which was one of their main things to find for some reason)…
Now I can’t mod, and I can’t even sell anything off to pay for bills either since it has all been confiscated due to a ludicrous interpretation of the DMCA

Because of what happened I’m not allowed to see my girlfriend and our 4 month old daughter, and last night, I slept in my car… They took my life away. I would like to formally thank Microsoft and Nintendo for cracking down on the little guy with a soldering iron in his garage, rather than going after the people that are responsible for the bootlegs being available.

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Tyron said...

modders aren’t the problem. They can make let you play games that you couldn’t before (play Japanese games on a US console) or even do something you couldn’t normally do (like play custom songs on GH2).

This is a low blow….