Is-Sibt, Awwissu 04, 2007

World of Warcraft - Terrorist Haven ?

Blizzard MMO can be used be terrorists to carry out attack reconnaissance, says (slightly mental) Aussie security chief.

The frontline of the war on terror is about to move... to Azeroth.

According to Kevin Zuccato, head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre, terrorists are being trained in games such as World of Warcraft to scout out simulated real-world environments, and train in weapons that are "identical to real-world armaments."

Zuccato told an Australian Security Industry Association conference that terrorists no longer have to travel to the target they want to attack to carry out reconnaissance, but create a virtual replica and rehearse an entire attack online. Bad news if you live the Tower of Azora then.

"We need to start thinking about living, working and protecting two worlds and two realities," Zuccato said.

MET police - there's your tip off then. Look out for religious extremists on flying mounts coming our way.

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Tyron said...

Oh for fucks sake!
Here we go again. Everyone jumping on the bandwagon to point the finger at games.

"Real-world armaments"? He may have a point there, my +9 Fire Sword of Mana Regen at home looks a lot like the ones in World of Warcraft.

Mouzer (Kropotkin) said...

I wonder if Al Qaida prefer Horde or Alliance. :P hahaha

Micheal Davis said...

Which is kinda worrying for the "Head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre"


*moves to Australia*

*commits high-tech crime*