L-Erbgħa, Ġunju 27, 2007

Cop hit by unmarked Police Car

A Denver police officer who was trying to chase and capture a robbery and carjacking suspect on foot is recuperating from his injuries after both he and the suspect were struck by an unmarked police car.

The events began at about 4:30 p.m. when the First United Bank at 5901 East Colfax was robbed. Witnesses from the bank followed the suspect to a home. Witnesses said the suspect broke into the house and committed a carjacking, Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

As he fled with the stolen car, he almost hit an officer in pursuit, Jackson said. He drove down Colfax Avenue and about two blocks away he struck a van and was stopped at the intersection, police said.

A uniformed officer, with his gun drawn, tried to pull the bank robbery suspect out of the maroon sedan to arrest him but the suspect ran. The officer chased him on foot.

The pair ran through an intersection and ran about a half-block when a blue unmarked police car, with its lights flashing, slammed into both the suspect and the officer. The suspect flipped off the hood and fell on the pavement. The officer was struck in the knee and was limping away from the scene.

The officer and the suspect both eventually got up and did not appear to be badly hurt.

The officer was taken to Denver Health with a what appeared to be leg or knee injuries. Jackson said his injuries were minor. The suspect has been taken into custody.

What the hell was that other Boltneck (police driver) thinking?
"Yeah, I guess I'll drive in to them both, that sounds good."

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