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Last Moments Of Officer Mckay (US police)

The last moments of a police officer's life after being shot several times in the back and then runover by the suspects car, all this started from was just an expired license,but Ligo Kenny had other ideas, and Officer McKay paid the full price.

Some people asked:
So what happened to the suspect ?
The bystander picked up the cop's gun and told the shooter to drop his weapon. When he didn't, the bystander shot and killed the shooter.


Clearly the officer didn't follow the correct arresting procedures in that case. In USA one must assume that just about everyone is holdstering a gun. Hence, when stopping anybody, one has to get ready to draw his own arm. Especially if the accused is someone who tried to get away.. It's sad to loose a police officer but I agree his lack of professionalism basically cost him his life.

This is the case where the killer, Liko Kenny, is the cousin of professional skier, Bode Miller. One might assume that this wasn't random due to the fact that there was bad blood between the Officer Mckay and Liko Kenny. Kenny was convicted for assaulting Mckay in 2003; breaking his jaw. There was a buidling tension between the two, and McKay had an agreement with the Deputy Police Chief that if he ever pulled over Kenny again, he could call for another officer to be present. Some local resident say the cop had a history of harrassement with Kenny after the 2003 incident.
Reading comments from friends and family, it sounds like both the cop, and the Kenny, contributed to the feud. Some people are saying the cop was something of a bully, who harrassed certain young people, while members of the killer's own family describe him as having an anger problem, and very defiant of authority. I also sounds like he started carrying the gun specifically because he was very afraid of Officer McKay.

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