Il-Ġimgħa, Ġunju 29, 2007

Police Brute Force

Lately i have been focusing on Police, and street fights. Representing mainly police victims, or even police heroes.
However today i want to focus on another view of being a police:


A Police has to represent law thus keeping citizens safe, however he must never use aggression where not needed.

Arkansas cop violently arresting, choking and wrestled skateboarding teenagers to the ground. A litle too harsh ?
Wait till the choking part, which could fall under police brutality.

Maltese Police Sergeant brutally hits an 'old' (50) French woman in paceville, due to mild Resistance. I'd say that we maltese arent so different from them americans then.

What do you think ?
Is Police Brutatilty Right or Wrong ?
Keep in mind that both Cops had to struggle for their own safety.

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Bonita said...

Thanks for writing this.